Afrojack to give away club tracks on Soundcloud

Photo: Anthony Cave

Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack, needs some rest – seriously.

He tweeted Thursday night that he went to the hospital because of apparent dehydration. We caught up with the Dutch DJ after the launch of his second G-Star RAW menswear collection at the G-Star RAW store on Lincoln Road.

The Ultra headliner talked about his new album, “Forget The World,” plus revealed a surprise or two.

You sketched artwork for your new G-Star RAW menswear collection. Where did you learn to do that?
“I used to be a graphic designer for a really long time, I’ve always been drawing. I actually got sent out of music class one time because I was drawing, it’s pretty funny.”

Talk about the vision behind your new album, “Forget The World.”
“It’s different. It’s just different. There are sounds in there that are not supposed to be there, like everything sounds like ‘yeah, okay,’ but I want that, I want it to special … I have one song on the album which has no beat in it, but before that, you have seven songs that do have a beat in it, and through that you are listening to the music so much that at one point you understand it without the beat, but it’s a learning experience.”

What was the biggest challenge with the album?
“Biggest challenge? Let me think, the Sting track, because it’s Sting. Like, if you’re a music producer, like I got asked to remix Michael Jackson once after he passed away, I did it, it worked, but that’s scary. I was in a studio with Sting, that’s scary…how am I going to do this? We already had the record and later I had to redo it because the original was too indie.”

Describe your partnership with the Razer music application. What’s that about?
“I wanted to develop an app for the music program I use, FruityLoops, it’s basically like a shortcut to a real version. So, if you’re new to the program, it makes it easier for you to start and learn how to make a song…like a guidance program. Eventually, the goal is to make like a full-on, producer computer for kids that just want to start, like a cheap starter one, and we want to make, like, the monster of production computers for FruityLoops. That’s my eventual goal, to just make, like, the boss.”

What’s next for you beyond the album?
“I’m not supposed to say this, but I’m going to give my club tracks, like diehard club tracks that used to go to Beatport, probably going to give them away for free on my Nick van de Wall SoundCloud, like my real name, for club fans. I’ve been doing it for so long now, and these guys have been supporting me so long. It’s time to have fun, like I always say, I’m a party guy, I want to have fun. I don’t just DJ for the party, I want to be with the party.”