Named after a type of rare desert antelope found in the Sahara Desert with a notoriously strong female population, the members of Addax can’t be prouder of their equally fierce front woman. With a positive outlook and great determination this band hopes to incite one of two reactions from their listeners: a frenzied mosh pit for their heavy alternative jams, or watery eyes from an Addax ballad, also known as a “ballax.”

Started by Laura Barry (vocals) and Omar Williams (guitar) after their first band disbanded, they added bassist Eddy Davis, guitarist Josh Rohe and drummer Carlos Paguaga shortly thereafter. Their simple mission to destroy musical stereotypes, create “radio ready rock,” and write songs that people can’t help but play repeatedly on their iPods is shared by every member.

They look up to any artist trying to expand the alternative genre creatively, including Mute Math along with soulful pop acts like Kenna, and local pop innovator Jesp. Their extremely fruitful creative process flows from sessions locked in a room with wine and instruments. The lyrics and beats flow naturally from this talented group that respects and honors their individual influences. A five track EP set to be released in the next few month’s promises to be “their strongest material written so far,” said Davis.

Fully aware of the fact that Miami audiences aren’t the easiest to win over, this group can’t be more up for the challenge of making a connection. “We purposely haven’t packed up and moved to Brooklyn like a lot of bands do because we feel proud to represent Miami and Florida as a whole.  Miami has helped us maintain an experimental spirit… so we figure we’ll keep people on their toes,” explained Barry.

Addax will perform at 7 p.m. on Friday, January 29 at The Talent Farm, 20911 Johnson Street, Pembroke Pines; 954-438-3488. Visit their MySpace page at


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