A must-try cocktail at the new Cavalli Miami Restaurant & Lounge in South Beach

For a modern Italian moment at the end of a long meal at the new Cavalli Miami Restauarant & Lounge, reach for the “Artichoke Swing.” Its most interesting component is the bitter Cynar, which is made from artichokes, but doesn’t taste entirely like the plant. The digestivo is more dynamic than that; it has more than a dozen botanicals and it’s revered for its ability to soothe. The mint, cucumber and celery bitters add to the uplifting essence and will set you straight for the next phase of your night (upstairs at Cavalli’s lavish ultra lounge, of course).   

“Artichoke Swing” by Lorenzo Cassano, bar manager

Cynar (Italian bitter liqueur), Absolut Elyx, Mint, Cucumber, Fee Brothers celery bitters