9 occasions that call for a bottle of bubbly

While we definitely don’t believe you ever need a reason to bust open a bottle of bubbly, here are nine occasions that absolutely call for a little pop, fizz, clink. 


1. When you’re hot, bothered and sober. Which can be a frequent occurrence in Miami. Champagne showers solve all of those problems.  


2. When you want to call some attention. Nothing says “look at me I’m a superstar” like a tower of Tattinger and a decent shade of lipstick. Armed with both, you’re unstoppable. Learn how to build your own champagne tower here


3. When you’re on a diet. There’s only 95 calories in a glass of bubbly, and the more you drink the less you care about calories period. Isn’t that convenient?


4. When you’re on a boat. It doesn’t matter whose boat it is. 


5. When you’re on the beach. It’s hot, you’re hot. Let’s drink!


6. When you to make your ex rue the day he broke up with you. It’ll chase away the pain of his betrayal while making you look and feel glam as f*ck in all your snaps. 


7. When you’re brunching. Or consuming any other kind of meal, for that matter. 


8. When you want to get drunk but still want to look elegant. You’re a classy broad, after all. 


9. When you feel even the slightest bit celebratory. Hearing that tell-tale pop! gets your adrenaline going like nothing else.