X Factor judge Kelly Rowland has ladies night

Stephanie Frasco had a night to remember Monday. The L.A. resident and Jaguar fanatic didn’t win a car but got to ride around with Grammy winner Kelly Rowland in a spanking new, rust colored F-Type two-seater, the English brand’s first convertible to be released in more than 50 years. Frasco, who works in marketing, was one of four winners of the #MyTurntoJag contest. Rowland and Frasco met up at the garage atop 1111 Lincoln Road and tootled around town , ending up at LIV at the Fontainebleau. Rowland, who has a place in Miami, was equally pumped about the drive. “I feel so empowered and sexy taking [the F-Type] for a spin,” she said, admitting a need for speed. “You just want to keep pressing the accelerator lower and lower.” The X Factor judge also loves the attention she receives when she’s behind the wheel. “People ask me, ‘What is that?’ It’s perfect for Miami.”


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