Wow! JWoww writes a book

Wow, JWoww! Jenni Farley is not only taking her hit ensemble show Jersey Shore global — the housemates will travel to Italy for Season 4 — but is now a published author.


The 25-year-old Long Island, N.Y. native wrote The Rules According to JWoww (Morrow, $19.99), to share tips about how to land a “mint” guy, “stay fresh” and kick your competition to the curb.


What motivated her to write it?


“Everybody could see the bad breakup [with Tom Lippolis] I went through,” says Farley from her New Jersey home. “It really came down to recognizing my mistakes and how I kind of set myself up for disaster.”


The main piece of advice? Choose well.


“A lot of girls will find the guy physically of their dreams. But the guys mentally aren’t ready,” she says. “You end up getting cheated on and lied to. It’s trying to mold someone into something that they’re not.”


You should also be on an equal playing ground with your partner, financially speaking.


“If you’re working 45 hours a week, and you have a career, and you meet a guy who lives at home with his mom and doesn’t really know what he’s doing in life but he looks good, how is that gonna work?” says Farley, who is currently dating bodybuilder Roger Williams.


Other Shore-fire tips:


Never wear a granny on your fanny: “You don’t want to be caught with unflattering lingerie.”


Hair belongs on your head, nowhere else: “Laser, waxing, general upkeep is very important. If you want someone that is in your eyes perfect you’ve got to work on yourself as well. It goes kind of both ways.”


Kiss your prospective boyfriend’s mother’s behind: “Family will always be there. It’s never good to be disrespectful to them, especially in the beginning. They could make or break your relationship.”


Sloppy drunk is not a good look on anyone. Basically, don’t drink and date. “We all have our moments, but when you’re tryin’ to get to know someone, and you can’t remember what happened that’s not cool,” she says.


GTL: The Shore motto is alive and well, but JWoww has come up with a twist on how to get ready go out. “GTS — it’s Gym, Tan, Shopping.”




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