Is British man Maurice Gibb’s love child? Barry Gibb may hold the answer

Hmmm, things are getting interesting in the Gibb family.

According to Britain’s Sunday People,  a British man named Nick Endacott claims that he is the long lost son of Maurice Gibb.

And he wants the only living Bee Gee to help out the issue of paternity.

That would be Barry Gibb, who still lives in Miami Beach. The matriarch died last year.

Translation: Find a Q-Tip, open your mouth and say ahhh.

Endacott, a musician, is 49; Maurice died back in January of 2003 in Miami Beach at the age of 53. This means if the claims are true the singer would have fathered the kid when he was just 19.

Apparently Endacott’s aunt was the one to break the news that he was adopted as a baby, and that his biological mother was Patti Nolder, who spent time with the band in London during the 1960s as a studio manager.

“I just want to know the truth – and who I am,” Endacott told Sunday People. “I know people will think I’m doing this for money or some claim of the Gibb estate, but I’m not. It isn’t about that. I just want to know who my dad is. I have a right to know.”

Next step: He wants a DNA test. Hello Barry?