Wienermobile making stop in Miami

Not everyone is talking about the Oscar, as in Academy Award.
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is gearing up to come to Miami.

According to Lisa Rosenblum, an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger, she will be driving the wheels across the country and bringing the big dog to the Winn-Dixie location on Saturday, Feb 16 (10-3 p.m., 11241 SW 40th St.).

She and co-driver Anggie Dogg will be handing out $1 off coupons for Oscar Mayer Selects, playing activities with families and of course handing out the must have Wiener Whistles. Every year, Oscar Mayer recruits at campuses across the U.S. looking for soon-to-be college graduates who have a thirst for adventure and can truly cut the mustard. Each team of two is assigned one of the six regions to travel.

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