Where's Leo? DiCaprio makes the rounds at Art Basel

If you didn’t see Leonardo DiCaprio at Art Basel you weren’t looking hard enough. The Oscar nominee didn’t only hit a ton of private parties, he also ventured into public spaces with actual, real life people. He was milling among the masses at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Thursday, actually checking out the art on display with his homeboys Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas. He reportedly bought something: a 1973 work by Frank Stella for just under $1 million.

But we all know DiCaprio, despite the fact that he was traveling with his live-in girlfriend model Toni Garrn, likes the ladies and the nightlife.

The all grown up Titanic star was spotted at Wall Wednesday and late Thursday into early Friday his homeys Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas. Alex Rodriguez was also there “with not a care in the world, popping champagne with friends,” while Lenny’s daughter Zoe Kravitz was chatting up the pretty Jonas brother while David Arquette and a newly svelte rapper Rick Ross looked on.

Where else was Leo? Downtown — at Miami’s favorite 24 hour strip club, E11even, where he was spotted this week ogling the festive seasonal “Stripper Santa.”

Fellow Basel fixture Miley Cyrus likes that place, too. The singer was there Wednesday after her debacle at the Raleigh Hotel, sporting a silver wig and black lace bra, arriving with clean cut boyfriend Patric Schwarzenegger. Cyrus hopped on stage with the club’s Jacko impersonator and screeched out her rendition of Billie Jean while grinding against the club’s half naked dancers. Oh the wonderful world of the young.