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How does Kourtney Kardashian show her undying devotion to boyfriend/baby daddy Scott Disick? She wears her Lola James’ Crazy in Love necklace by Lola James Jewelry, run by Miamians Allyson Papunen and Romi Sarif (the company is named after her dog). This delicate, femme chain comes in gold vermeil or silver, accented by three pendants. Two can be personalized with your honey’s initial; a heart with a small diamond in the corner rests in the middle. Will their relationship stand the test of reality TV? Who knows, but the bling probably will. $150-$185 at lolajamesjewelry.com and maxandchloe.com.


Champagne is always a festive go-to on Valentine’s Day. But if you want to mix things up – literally – we found an interesting liquor that’s already a hit in NYC ( Alec Baldwin’s a fan). It’s from Sweden and called Xante, pronounced Zantah. Through Tuesday, you can sip this citrusy, so-called menage a trois of Belgian pears, French cognac and pure vanilla at Mondrian’s Sunset Lounge in Miami Beach. The Crush, $12, contains fresh lemon juice, a dash of simple syrup and three strawberries. The ingredients are muddled together in a shaker and strained with ice. Think of it as a smoothie with Euro attitude.


If you have kids, you probably see stray socks strewn all over the house. Remember those mittens that clip onto your sleeves as a kid? Blind Mice socks are the next best thing to keep the chaos in check. These little mice don’t match, but their patterns are in synch so they don’t have to stay in twos and can disappear into your home’s black hole, no problem. The socks come in such patterns as houndstooth, stripes and unisex colors. A package of odd numbered three, $9.50, and five, $14.50, fit toddlers 0-36 months. Great if you need a pair or a spare. Blindmicesocks.com.


Getting into the Oscars frame of mind? If you’re pulling for ‘The King’s Speech’ to win and are planning a fancy shindig, pick up a few “Tommy” glasses by France’s Saint Louis, one of Europe’s oldest crystal houses and now owned by Hermes. These sparkly beauties debuted at a 1938 party feting the movie’s real hero, King George VI , at the Palace of Versailles. Saint Louis’ versions today come in eight colors and various cuts including diamond, pearl, olive, and star. Each piece is mouth blown and later cut by hand so no two are exactly the same. Cough, cough, they’re $470 each. Michaelcfina.com.


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