What to check out this week


Cough, cough! Everyone’s sick around you even though we live in a subtropical climate. Stay protected: Get your flu shot, use hand sanitizer and drink lots of Vitamin C. A tasty place to start: Genesis Today’s Omega Orange, founded by certified nutritionist Dr Lindsey Duncan, who helped Demi Moore get through her pregnancies. The juice tastes like the old creamsicles you used to suck down as a kid and packs a powerful punch of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Old school OJ has only 50 percent of what we need daily; GT’s has 200 recommended daily dosage, plus B12. Who needs Red Bull? At Walmart for $1.50 (10 ounce bottle).


Really want to glam things up in 2011? Have we found something for you: Angel Champagne. Forget what’s inside for a moment and gaze upon the hand finished, limited produced bottle. It’s a thing of beauty, inset with diamond cut Swarovski crystals and downed by celebs like Simon Cowell, Rihanna and Mariah Carey, who promotes this stuff and drank it when she wasn’t preggers with twins. So how does it taste? Duly fabulous, thanks to grapes sourced from Reims, France: a.k.a. bubbly country. Available at — where else? — the Ritz-Carlton.


Granted, we rarely need warm clothing where we live, but others from actual winter climates do. Reality mom Kris Jenner has teamed up with Curel Skincare to create a limited edition “Barrier” puffy long jacket in honor of One Warm Coat, a charity dedicated to keeping America from freezing. It’s made of down and costs $198 at Searlenyc.com . Proceeds go to providing coats for people in need.


Each runway show is a chapter in Anna Sui, a commentary on the celeb designer’s interests, passions and mind-set of the moment. “All I ever wanted to do was design clothes for rock stars and people who go to rock concerts. That I’ve been able to do that for so long is pretty amazing,” Sui told the AP. It’s also pretty amazing that Sui can define the single moment her career took off in 1990: Madonna, on her way to a Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris, wore one of Sui’s dresses. “It was the first in a chain of events that gave me the confidence to stage my own fashion show,” Sui writes in the forward of the book, published by Chronicle. Buy it at Amazon.com.


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