What to check out this week


What size are you? It’s hard to say, right? You could be a medium, or an 8. You could be a 12 or an extra large (especially after the holidays). A New York manufacturer, Rebecca & Drew, simplifies matters, producing fitted dress shirts sized by a woman’s bra size, height and overall shape. They also recently created a program, called Insignia, where customers can actually customize — a la Savile Row — by fabric, cuff, collar, buttons and more. R&D’s got you covered, literally. $150-$195 www.rebeccaanddrew.com


Holiday time is all about random snacking — at relatives’ homes, on the airplane, by the tree. But resist the urge to grab at the bag of chips; there’s something more wholesome out there. Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit snacks do a body good. Made of 100 percent freeze-dried fruit, they come in five flavors — apples (yum), Asian pears, bananas, pineapples and mangoes. If you’re watching your food intake, a bag of these crunchers ($1.49) is only around 50 calories. Grab & Go Six-pack is $7.99. The Fresh Market, www.crispygreen.com .


Season 5 of Dexter just wrapped — boo hoo — but you can still get your fill of the serial killer with a heart of gold every time you imbibe. Showtime has these superthick pint glasses with a spatter of blood to remind you of the Miami man on a mission. An individual glass, $9.95, or set of four, $34.99, make a great present for beer-drinking Dex-heads; showtime.seenon.com.


Looking for a wine with pedigree? Trust the Antinoris, they’ve been doing this a while — since 1385, in fact. The Italian company is still family owned, putting out some of the best vino on the planet from primo Tuscan grapes. A top seller — and dependable, affordable gift — is the 2005 Chianti Classico Riserva ($35), with notes of vanilla and chocolate. Tie on a bow and you’re done. www.antinori.it.


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