What to check out this week


Five stories up, at the Townhouse Hotel, is the Rooftop, a chic outdoor bar that is sure to wow out-of-town guests and those unfamiliar with the South Beach party scene. We dig the trendy white, high-gloss furniture and lounge chairs (a good place to rest your feet after a hard day at work). Bring your appetite and order sushi and some apps from the downstairs BONDST Lounge. 150 20th St., Miami Beach. 305-534-3800.


DC Life presents its Please Stand By Holiday 2010 LiFE Collection, a set of themed sneakers that seem more thoughtful than footwear that makes you run faster and jump higher. The special edition Admiral SE ($100) and Sector 7 SE ($90) explore the evolution of communication and technology — our grandfather read the newspaper, our dad watched the news, and we tweet. Analog is dead. They feature familiar vintage TV aesthetics, from the Please Stand By phrasing on the soles to the underlay made of a jacquard Snow Screen to the lining with retro analog TV color bars. Shoe Gallery, 244 NE First Ave., Miami.


How do celebrities know the hour? They look at their cellphones. Just joking. Some of ’em actually have watches. Only the coolest, of course. Take for example the Ice Watch, which was just featured in the Black Eyed Peas new video for the song The Time. Paris Hilton‘s been snapped sporting it as has Wendy Williams and Audrina Patridge. From $110 at The Shop (121 Washington Ave., Miami Beach), Rhythm Couture at Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise. www.ice-watch.com .


Sure, Domino’s and Papa John’s will do in a pinch. But if you’re really craving the authentic stuff — crispy, bubbly, thin crust; amples amounts of gooey mozzarella; a slight sprinkling of parmesan — get yourself over to Bertoni’s. A fave with the nearby FIU crowd, this place pumps out great pies, thanks to a brick oven (yep, that’s that inviting smell). The menu isn’t limited to pizza: You can order house-made salads, empanadas, panini, calzones and pastas (the eggplant parmigiana is killer). Major plus: an on-site car wash. 15180 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami;



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