What to check out this week


As seasoned bon vivants, we are way too cool to be the first to arrive at Smirnoff’s Nightlife Exchange Project soiree Saturday, which promises a night of all things London. But count us in, complete with our newly acquired accents. The vodka maker decided there should be more global sharing of fun times unique to the world’s great cities — kinda like a cultural student exchange program, but for the party scene. So 14 cities, including Miami (repping for the USA), were paired up with dramatically different places. Each gathered their best, most iconic offerings and exported them to their sister city. Miami sent sand, bikinis, palm leaves and other goodies. London sent us a red phone booth, fish ‘n’ chips, a Royal Guards costume — all of which we can enjoy at The Awarehouse downtown. RSVP at nlxmiami@gmail.com.


Pumpkin — not something you miss when it’s not the season for the great orange gourd, but once around, boy, is it welcome. That’s why we love Nest’s latest Pumpkin Chai candle. Light it up and it releases a deliriously rich, pungent, spicy fragrance. The pretty home accessory smells just like fall (that or Starbucks). Caveat: It really makes you pine for cold weather. Put it around the Thanksgiving table to enrich the spirit and get you psyched up for the holidays. $32 at Neiman Marcus.


Dreading Thursday because you can’t cook worth a lick? The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove has come to the rescue. With their Turkey to Go, you can pick up an already made masterpiece (plus sides) and stick a fork in the shopping and prepping madness. Among the goodies in your takeout box (beside the Tom turkey with giblet gravy, of course): sunchoke soup; salad with cranberries and spiced pecans; orange rosemary corn stuffing; and Yukon potato country mash with truffles. Save room for the homemade pumpkin pie. Order by 2 p.m Tuesday at 305-644-4680. Pick up at The Ritz Thanksgiving Day 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Cost: $105; feeds six to eight people.


Need a vacation? You don’t have to answer that question. We all do, but who has the time to jet away, or cash for that matter? That’s why Sailor Jerry rum is so important to have around on the shelves at all times. This 92 proofer has a cool back story — it was inspired by Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, who is widely considered the father of old school tattooing. The rum is old school, too — distilled strong, spiced and smooth. Priced at just $17.50 you can afford to break it out for the out of town visitors.




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