What to check out this week


We are already coveting the sleek new set of sports headphones designed by Dr. Dre and our new Heat homey LeBron James. PowerBeats by Dr. Dre from Monster promises headphones rugged enough for players, game-changing sound and, perhaps, a better workout. The partnership wasn’t a stretch: King James already wears Beats by Dr. Dre headphones during pregame warm-ups. Powerbeats — in black, white and red — will set you back $169.95 and are at Best Buy and BrandsMart.


We’re not wine experts; we just know we like a glass after a stressful day. If we’re really being honest, we’ll admit: Often purchases are made according to the cool label. But we recently found a collection that has killer bottles and an even better taste. Wines That Rock are inspired by music, like Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon or Police Synchronicity Red Blend. Each is vinted and bottled by the green-powered Mendocino Wine Company from sustainable vineyards; labels are printed with soy-based ink and recycled paper. Now that’s something to drink to. A two-pack from $49.99 at www.WinesThatRock.com .


Make Rihanna feel like she’s the Only Girl (in the World) and talk about her new CD Loud, out Tuesday. The songstress’ fifth album includes a sequel to that little ol’ Eminem duet and collaborations with hot stars like Drake. Wait, is that an Avril Lavigne sample? Loud, indeed.


Ever have a perfume leak inside your Gucci purse? Maybe a patchouli oil leak inside your organic cotton fanny pack? Keeping your fragrances in your bags is no longer risky, thanks to a new line of Solid Perfumes by Burt’s Bees. The line includes four fragrances that are 100 percent natural and come in 0.3-ounce tin cans that are small enough to pass through airport screening. The scents blend fragrant essential oils, waxes and butters and are applied to the skin with your fingertips. They’re subtle; you won’t smell like you just left a Paris bordello, but they may help out if you went overboard with the garlic at lunch. $9.99 each; www.burtsbees.com.





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