Weed not the only star of 'Weeds'

If you forgot to TiVo the season 6 premiere of Weeds, don’t worry. The show’s stars say there’s plenty more drama to go around.

We chatted with the show’s teenager-on-the-run, Finding Nemo‘s Alexander Gould (Shane Botwin) and popular Mexican actor Demián Bichir (Tijuana crime lord/mayor Esteban Reyes) who told us about what happens behind the scenes.

Last season’s cliffhanger was a surprise to fans. This season, the Botwins are on the run. What can we expect?

Alexander: The finale was a shocker to me and to everyone else who saw it. This season it’s a lot of craziness. So far it’s been really fun filming because of Shane and everything the family is dealing with. This season we got to film at this Paramount-owned movie ranch where they used to make western films, and Little House on the Prairie. I enjoyed
working there.

Do you identify with your character?

Demián: We don’t have a lot in common.

But there are a few things. We both like opera, good food, wine and beautiful women. (Laughs). Esteban is a ladies man —
like me!

Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss makes a cameo appearance this season. What’s he like?

Alexander: I was definitely nervous to work with him, but he’s been awesome to have on set. He has so
many great stories and I’ve learned a thing or two.

Are you nervous that your character will die in some horrific way?

Demián: Every time I’m handed a new script, I worry. But it’s one of things that drew me to the show – the element of surprise. At the end of my first season, I was really shocked that [Esteban] was still alive. I am with Nancy [Botwin] (Mary
Louise Parker
) and she’s known as this black widow. I just hope that if I die, my character doesn’t get shot. That it
happens in the nicest way possible. I always tell [Weeds creator] Jenji Kohan, “Please give me a heroic death.”

Are there a lot of laughs on set?

Alexander: It’s really hard to film a scene with Kevin Nealon (Doug Wilson). He’s the funniest person! I have to fight from laughing and we usually have to do five or six takes. Other times someone will say something and I can’t help myself and
the laughter starts.

What’s next for you?

Demián: I’m just finished a film called The Gardener. It’s a script that moved me and a very touching story. It takes place in L.A. and I play a dad who tries to keep his sons away from violence and gangs. It’s an authentic plot line that a lot of
people will identify with.

Weeds airs 10 p.m. Mondays on Showtime.


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