Website: LeBron James having some fun before wedding day

small-time Miami model who once helped ex-Miami Dolphins star Reggie Bush get over Kim Kardashian has sparked a mini-scandal involving the soon-to-be-married LeBron James. It seems bikini model Carmen Ortega lost her cell phone recently, and the alleged finder leaked a series of text messages between her and the Miami Heat superstar to several websites. Remember now: James is supposed to marry his high school sweetheart, and the mother of his two children, sometime in mid-September. Ortega confirmed to the gossip website that the text messages were indeed from, and to, James. And they include a mysterious set from mid-July in which he was asking to see her in Los Angeles. Ortega says she only had dinner with James — but that he wasn’t completely forthcoming about his engagement to high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson — reportedly texting to Ortega that she shouldn’t believe everything she reads (about his upcoming nuptials). James responded to Ortega’s allegations by tweeting the photo of a statement that reads: “Whenever you’re happy and in a great place in anything, someone or something will try to put a virus in it to make it all unravel.”