Wear a virtual mask of President Obama or Governor Romney for Halloween

Go to any large-scale Halloween party, and you will undoubtedly see someone wearing a full-headed mask of a past or current President of the United States.

Pres. Bill Clinton? Over by the bar. Pres. George W. Bush? In line in the bathroom. Pres. Barack Obama? On the dance floor.

But now, thanks to Zappar and VisualiTee, you can create the same effect for a fraction of the cost and still be the life of the party – regardless of your political affiliation.

Using its newly launched, election-themed Zaphats, once the hat is zapped by a mobile device – with the Zappar app downloaded – you will have a three-dimensional (3D) mask of President Barack Obama or Republican presidential
candidate Mitt Romney wrapped around your head. It moves with you and reacts to your facial expressions.

Think of it as a virtual mask, but with the benefit of not having to breathe or sweat inside the plastic.

To use the election-themed Zaphats, buy a hat through VisualiTee.com, put the cap on, download the free Zappar app and zap the hat with your smartphone or tablet to bring a hilarious 3D mask of your favorite presidential candidate to life. Users can then take photos and even record small video files wearing the mask to share with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter.

“This is the first time we’ve ever seen – and printed – augmented reality on caps,” noted Brian Rosendahl, founder of Visualitee. “Anyone can now buy one of these hats we’ve developed with Zappar and instantly have a uniquely fun experience ‘dressing up’ as either presidential candidate.”

Election-themed Zaphats are available exclusively from VisualiTee.com for a limited time and cost $14.99. Click here to order.

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