Wawa – glorified 7-Eleven or heaven on earth? Either way, it’s open now

Sure, we prefer Publix subs, but this is a special day.

Miami, we’re still waiting for our Wawa.

And now Broward is laughing at us. Stores opened in Davie and Pompano Beach Thursday to great fanfare (and a lot of free coffee).

We didn’t even try to order a sub because the lines were too long and plus Publix exists. But here are the some of the things we like about Wawa, which an unnamed fan of the store described as “super clutch.”

The new stores are at 4290 Davie Road Extension in Davie and 3601 N. Federal Highway in Pompano Beach.

1. Cheap gas

At the Davie store on Thursday, regular unleaded was $1.99. If you don’t mind waiting in epic lines, you can use the savings to buy more important items, like a healthy kale and quinoa salad.

Ha ha! Just kidding. We know you’re going to buy beer.

2. Plenty of coffee choices

Hard pass on the hazelnut, but we’ll drink the hell out of that Guatemalan roast.

3. Good snack choices

Look, to be brutally honest, I prefer those Lay’s Dill Chips (which Wawa also sells), but everyone else loses their minds over Utz. So have at it.

4. There are healthy choices, too

You want a super grain power salad? You got a super grain power salad.

5. There's a place to eat your sub besides your car

It’s outside, so it’ll be hot. But at least you won’t get rained on, and you don’t have to wait until you’re home to shovel that foot-long sandwich down your throat. Also you won’t drip mustard all over your front seat.

6. Chilled wine

OK, the cold wine selection is not great (though we spotted Liberty Creek Chardonnay in a box, which is better than you might think). But overall, we recommend moving on to another cold adult beverage.

7. Cold beer!

Yes. There’s a walk-in beer cooler with myriad choices. There are not many times in our lives that we choose beer over wine, but shopping at Wawa is one of them.