Watch the 2013 Super Bowl commercials before Sunday’s game

Can’t wait for the Sunday’s Super Bowl to see this year’s crop of commercials? No problem. We have some of our favorites below that have already hit the web in hopes of gaining even more views than the millions expected to watch the game.


Volkswagen “Happy”
This one has caused some controversy with it’s island stereotypes, but it’s gotten plenty of hype, too.

Audi “Prom”
One of the best lines of all the commercials is delivered by the little sister.

Mercedes-Benz “Soul”
Would you make a deal with the devil for the new CLA?

Fiat “Sisters”
Dad gets adjusted to the double-kiss.

Toyota “Wish is My Command” RAV-4 Genie Kaley Cuoco grants all your wishes

Hyundai “Stuck”
Why it’s good to have turbo.

Hyundai “Team”
Why it’s good to have friends

Kia “Space Babies”
Where do babies come from, daddy?

Coke “Chase”
Viewers will get to choose on Sunday who wins the race.

Fiat 500 Abarth “Topless”
Unique way to say Fiat has a convertible.

Finally something more original than sexy girls.

Taco Bell “Viva Young”
This one has also been debated in the media.

Century 21 “Wedding”
The real estate market must be improving.

Once again the Clydesdales pull at our heart strings.