Vote for Miami's Untouchables dance crew on America's Got Talent

Now that we don’t have to expend our energy cheering for the Miami Heat, check out another hometown team. The music team called the Untouchables (which could also be an alternative name for the Three Kings and co). It’s a child dance act made of up members ages 8 to 14 who all hail from the same dance studio, Dance Town.

The talented kids study a variety of dance types and incorporate it into their act, including Latin ballroom, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. They join America’s Got Talent as the show’s Top 48 contestants to compete for a $1 million dollar prize. They’ll be performing live for America’s vote on Tuesday (July 17). Watch them here:

They need all the help they can get being judge by the likes of Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne. plus they’re cute.

Watch: 9 pm Tuesday on NBC.


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