VIP treatment at Kooza

It’s dress-up time for some folks hitting Kooza, the latest Cirque de Soleil spectacle at Bicentennial Park. Well, the pre-show, that is. In the special, super exclusive VIP tent, Tapis Rouge (‘‘red carpet” in French), Kooza-goers are treated to the opposite of popcorn and hotdogs. Think wine, champagne and high-end eats like sliced prime rib, mushroom tartlets, cheeses, fruits and passed hors d’oeuvres like shrimp on a stick and caviar. It’s comfy, too. Seat yourself on plush red banquettes as images of the show play on the ceiling. There are private restrooms and a lounge out back. Pricing is steep for this extra option (about $100 extra), but if you want a velvet-rope experience, it’s the place to be.


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