Tyson Beckford is packing great abs — and a gun

When you think of Tyson Beckford, you think hot, right?

He also seems like such a mild mannered sort.

The model always seems to be smiling and happy, especially when he is posing for topless selfies in his manly bathroom.

Well, a process server who went by his Miami home the other day saw a different side to the “Transformers” star.



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According to TMZ, Beckford was being served some papers for a lawsuit (over allegedly failing to promote his Beckford Bar fitness equipment) by a guy wearing an eyepatch who became a tad aggressive.

The actor-model, who says he has a concealed weapons permit, felt concerned for his safety, so flashed a weapon.

Um, all’s well that ends well? The process server high tailed it out of there and did not file a police report.

Now we know not to go over to Tyson’s house uninvited (not that we were thinking about  it).