Trojan Vibrations gives away free vibrators in Miami Beach

Not since Oprah gave away a fleet of free cars has a giveaway been quite so epic as what Miami Beach will experience next Tuesday. Parked outside of NoWhere Lounge (653 Washington Ave.) will be a fleet of Pleasure Carts that will be dispensing free Trojan Vibrations products (while supplies last).

“What?” you say. “Free vibrators? How can that be?”

It turns out that a pleasure revolution has been sweeping major cities from New York to Chicago to Las Vegas where locals have all gotten their hands on the latest models of battery operated boyfriends like the Trojan Tri-Phoria Vibrator (retails for $39.99) and the Trojan Pulse Vibrator (retails $29.99).  Now it’s Miami’s turn to get in on the freaky free action.

The goal? To get you out of your bedroom funk and bring a little spice to your trists.

Who needs a free car when they are handing out vibrators?