Trey Songz – ready to open for Usher

Heading out to downtown Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena to see Usher on New Year’s Eve before hitting the clubs? Don’t be late – you won’t want to miss the opening act, Grammy-nominated R&B/soul singer Trey Songz, whose latest album “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” gave us the hits “Can’t Be Friends” and “Bottoms Up,” featuring hip-hop It Girl Nicki Minaj. Songz – real name Tremaine Neverson – talked to about the tour and why he recently bought a house in Miami.
How’s the tour going so far?
The tour’s been amazing. Show after show – phenomenal turnouts, arenas every night, and sharing the stage with Usher has been amazing.
What can we expect from the show?
You know, it’s big arenas – 15,000 people-plus every night – and what I try to bring is intimacy to such a big room. I went into this tour thinking I have to make the people way in the back in the rafters feel as though they have front-row tickets. It’s a very intimate performance, just me and my band, no background singers, no dancers. The lights enhance the show, but in a way like a theater show, not an arena. You can expect me singing some cuts off the new album, giving you a perfect set-up before Usher comes on.
Do you guys ever perform onstage together?
We actually did in Atlanta – that was special for us because that’s where both of us live. That’s where he’s from and I’m kind of a resident. So it’s another special show down in Miami being New Year’s, so you never know what could happen. If we feel it, anything could happen.
Your show in Miami is on New Year’s Eve. Do you have plans afterward?
Yeah, later on that night – it’s Miami, baby! I’m going in – I’m gonna have a ball. There are a couple of parties I want to attend, and I actually just bought a place down there, so I’ll be spending some time down there at the beginning of the new year.
Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
Well, I’m not big on resolutions, because people kind of break them before the week is out. But I definitely have goals: to tour overseas next year and solidify my fan base over there – I think as American artists, we get locked up thinking that America’s the only place in the world. And as a man, I’d like to get closer to God. And try my hand at acting a little bit, and I plan on making another album as well.
What is it about Miami that made you buy a place here?
Well, first of all, there’s no tax [laughs]. Second, the market where it is right now, you can get such beautiful property for cheap. But thirdly, it’s Miami. The weather, the women, the lifestyle. It’s like waking up to a vacation every day.


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