Tracy Morgan: I feel good

He’s back. And Tracy Morgan is more than ready for his Hard Rock Live performance on Saturday night.

But a little less than two years ago — June 7, 2014 — Morgan was left in a coma after his car was rear-ended on the New Jersey Turnpike by a Walmart truck. After months of rehab, Morgan made an amazing recovery.

The 47-year-old SNL vet told Rolling Stone in March that he only suffers occasional headaches and memory issues, the result of a traumatic brain injury. And yes, his skills as a comic are still intact. Morgan said that after coming back from the brink, he may be even more entertaining than ever.

“Maybe when I was in heaven,” Morgan told the magazine, “Richard Pryor said something to me. I feel funnier than I ever felt.”

Morgan is set to play Redd Foxx in an upcoming Pryor biopic.

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