Tiger pokes fun at his past

Tiger Woods: During an interview with Jimmy Fallon the disgraced golfer poked fun at his sex scandal. He added later that he’s been taking golf lessons from Charlie Sheen.

Gilbert Gottfried: The comedian was fired as the voice of the AFLAC mascot after he made some not-so-nice Tweets in the wake of the earthquake and Japan. He’s now ducking the press.

Snooki: The pint-sized Jersey Shore guidette jumped in the ring with a WWE fighter. She thought the girl stole her bronzer.

Justin Bieber: Two crazed fans broke into the Biebs Liverpool hotel suite. They wanted the singing to stop.

Ryan Phillippe: Rumor is onetime gal pal Alexis Knapp is preggers with his child. At the time, he thought they were filming Cruel Intentions 4.

Rachel Oberlin: After moving out of Sober Valley Lodge, the former porn star returned to Sheen’s Beverly Hills estate. She couldn’t part with her 15 minutes of fame.

Justin Timberlake: The singer/actor broke up with Jessica Biel because he was “bored.” Try watching the Social Network.

Scott Disick: Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy flipped out when his assistant brought him the wrong type of underwear. Fruit of the Loom wants its briefs back.

Billy Ray Cyrus: Miley’s dad called off his divorce from his wife Tish. His achy breaky wallet was starting to feel a bit light.


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