Three dancers chosen for Miami skyline

Who will be shaking their booties for the Miami’s skyline come Art Basel? The InterContinental Miami has chosen not just one dancer but three to appear on the hotel’s digital canvas for a year. They are 23-year-old Olympia Heights personal trainer Jasmine Howell, who recently received her bachelors in fine arts in Dance from the New World School of the Arts; and downtown resident Jessica Mederos, a South West Miami High Senior School alum and instructor at Dance Unlimited in Kendall, 18. The twist: There’s a dude in the mix. He’s Jay Marcos, who began his career as a street performer in Times Square, which led to modeling work and appearances in major music videos. The Coconut Grove hipster teaches dance classes at Body & Soul Gym in Coral Gables and is pleased about his so-called Will Smith moment. “They’re calling me Digital Jay on Facebook now!” he says, laughing. Marcos, 21, had been watching the original dancing lady’s “sexy little body” every time he drove to South Beach, but he never thought he’d see himself up in lights. He attended last week’s auditions to support a friend and caught the eye of a talent scout (the friend who didn’t get the gig is happy for him). The routines will be different from what you’d expect — less stripper-like, more silly. “Jessica and I did some stuff together, like [ John Travolta’s] Pulp Fiction move, and pretending to push a shopping cart. We got playful.” Though Marcos would not discuss compensation, he would say that the hotel is treating him like “a VIP,” and jokes that “the millions will fit nicely in my bank account.”