The Week that Was

KIM KARDASHIAN: The reality star and Kanye West are collaborating on an album. Wouldn’t a naughty video be more appropriate?

MARC ANTHONY: J.Lo’s hubby reportedly owes millions in back taxes. No worries, her American Idol salary should help.

BRETT FAVRE: The quarterback was fined $50,000 for not cooperating with the NFL’s investigation into a sexting scandal. He’ll earn that in how many minutes of playing time?

NICOLE RICHIE: Probation for her 2006 drunken-driving case ended two months early. See, Lilo? Good behavior does pay.

SNOOKI: The pint-sized Jersey Shore star was banned from the Times Square ball drop. The guidette would have been a better fit at Miami’s Big Orange Drop.


The Teen Mom star was arrested on domestic violence charges. Proving that MTV needs to start marketing classier shows.


The TLC star is filming scenes for Kate Plus 8 in Australia. Let’s hope she stays there.


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