The Purge: Breakout is an immersive horror escape experience

Do you want to see something really scary?

Head to Wynwood this weekend and enter the The Purge: Breakout.

Based on the horror movie of the same name (the sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, is out next month), it’s part terrible labyrinth, part serial killer’s lair.

Located in the Wynwood Parking Lot on NW 23rd St., the immersive experience takes places in a large trailer decked out to resemble Hannibal Lecter’s vacation home, complete with dismembered bodies, a toilet that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the 20th century and in-house kidnap victim.

Guests have a half hour to solve puzzles and figure out clues to break out and survive the fictional Purge, a government mandated 12 hour period when all citizens have the right to kill at will.

The sequel’s star, Frank Grillo, who was on site for the launch Thursday, thinks he knows the reason people would pay $20 to be tortured in this way: “Human beings, we  like to be scared. Because when that feeling is over we can feel safe again.”

For tickets to the event that goes through midnight Sunday: