The Madden Men

Brothers Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte were in town last week at Macy’s in Aventura Mall to promote the new album Cardiology and Mad Mix collaboration with label American Rag. They gave fans a chance to get autographs before hitting the stage for an acoustic performance.

We sat down with the siblings to find out the inspiration behind the new album, why they decided to create a women’s clothing line and what they love about Miami.

Q: Why did you choose to come to Miami to promote the clothing line and album?

Benji: “Honestly, Macy’s selected the stores we would be coming to.”

Joel: “But we love Miami.”

Q: What do you like about Miami?

Benji: “We like the nightlife, and I like the Latin flavor.”

Joel: “I love staying at the W hotel when I’m here. The sports games are fun too. It seems like there’s always something going on in Miami.”

Q: Do you have any favorite restaurants you like to dine at here?

Benji: “I like eating at the restaurant that Gloria Estefan owns, Larios.”

Joel: “I like Larios too, and I also like Mr. Chow.”

Q: Why did you decide to collaborate with American

Rag for your “Mad Picks” line and why did you focus on

women’s clothing?

Benji: “Well, we both love Macy’s, and we both love girls [laughs]. And I thought about it. We look at girls all

the time and what they are wearing.”

Joel: “It was a unique opportunity

and something we had thought about for a long time.”

Q: What was your role in the collaboration?

Benji: “We could be clothing designers.”

Joel: “But we aren’t designers. We just hand picked the items we liked for Mad Picks.” [Those items include boho chic tops, denim and bottoms.]

Q: “Cardiology” is your fifth album. What was your inspiration?

Benji: “The inspiration was life. It has songs about everything from going out to our family life.”

Joel: “We wanted it to be a feel good record.”

Q: Any favorite songs on the album?

Benji: “Mine is definitely Harlow’s Song. I love that song.”

Joel: “It’s about my daughter.”

Q: What’s next?

Benji: “We start our Cardiology tour in Vienna on Jan. 21.”

Joel: “And we kick off our North American tour in March. We’ll be back in Miami in the summer.”



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