The LeBron 8

Now that King James is officially ours, it is our duty to defend him unconditionally. Hence, we are in love with LeBron’s South Beach edition of his LeBron 8 sneakers by Nike that he unveiled  at House of Hoops by Footlocker this past Saturday.

Maybe they do have the same colors as the Miami Subs logo. Maybe the blue reminds us of our family room couch circa ’85. Maybe the shoe looks so throwback that it would be better suited to walking across a black marble floor in a Horse Country estate, you know – one with a Jacuzzi built into the master bedroom floor?

One thing is for sure, the $160 sneakers would definitely be approved by the Miami Beach Preservation League. James has complied with guidelines for acceptable color palettes.

If you totally hate it, don’t worry. The red-and-black Heat version will be out at the end of the month.




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