The Jersey Shore – Season 2, Episode 7

The extensions are flying, the fake nails are popping and even Ronnie’s faux hawk gets pulled as the situation in the house degenerates into a bar brawl over Vinny’s little comment to JWoww. Tonight’s episode delves deep into the intricacies of each character’s plot line to discover who is, in fact, two-faced.

Vinny gets called out for being a big baby and running to tell on Angelina for gossiping about Pauly D. He and Angelina become mortal enemies. Snooki and Jenni get exposed as the letter writers, their good intentions fruitless as Sammi and  Ronnie get closer because of the contraversy — they even go out on a romantic dinner to La Locanda.

Sammi shows how classy she is by reenacting the fight and giving herself props for getting some good punches in on Jenni, who was the obvious favorite.  Angelina’s skankiness becomes more apparent as she accepts gifts and dinners from Jose (a dude she met at the club) yet has no intention of smooshing with him.

Snooki and JWoww are on the outs with the entire house, so they make their own agenda then stumble on the rest of the crew playing pool at Felt. Awkward. 

The next night the gang heads back to Tantra and MI-VI for more fist pumping, but Snooki and JWoww stay behind to disinfect the Smash Room in preparation for Snooki’s night in with her new squeeze Dennis.”There’s been like 20 turn overs in that room lately,” claims Snooki.

As Snooki is getting down and dirty in the Smash room, the show ends with rivals Angelina and Vinny sucking face in the cab and ending up in his bed. Who is two-faced?

Post catfight assessment by Pauly D: “I’ve never seen the kitchen as bad. There’s hair extensions, there’s fingernails. There’s a tuna fish sandwich on the ground. It was crazy.”

Balls of steel: To avoid having to work with both Sammi and Ronnie the next day, JWoww calls Enzo and tells him that she has several broken nails and can’t come in to work. Wow.

Refused to sign the release form: The girl who Pauly D and Vinny run into on South Beach whose face gets pixelated except for the giant cold sore on her bottom lip.

Why we love The Situation: Angelina — “How funny is it, the difference between me now and me in Jersey?” The Situation’s response, “Oh yeah, you were a big bitch.”

Hot tub: The Situation, Vinny and Pauly D head to the hot tub to take breaks from the house drama. It’s like Switzerland.

Quote of the day: Snooki — “I’m not white. I’m tan. When you have to put ethnicity, I put ‘tan.’ “

Fist pumping: Felt, Tantra and MI-VI — “This club is sick!”, says Pauly D. Too bad it’s closed.

Hook ups: Vinny meets a Hooters waitress at Tantra (“Classy girl.”). Snooki gets her swerve on with Dennis in the smash room. Angelina and Vinny prove that it’s a thin line between love and hate as they do both in this episode. 

Grinding: Sammi and Ronnie get to grinding so hard on MI-VI’s dance floor so hard she could have gotten pregnant. Get a room.

TMI: JWoww has to listen through Snooki’s hookup with Dennis. “All night long it was moaning, ‘oh, what’s your last name?’ Moaning, ‘Do you have any kids?’ “

Poor guy: Vinny – “I just can’t get tan.”

Snooki’s sexy advice: When it’s time to smoosh, don’t forget to put extra lotion on your butt. She’s so wise.



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