The Jersey Shore – Season 2, Episode 4

This week gets off to a wild start with the guys fist pumping at Klutch and the girls retreating to the suite at the Metropole. Snooki’s beau Emilio drunk dials from a party and claims he slept with some girl. Several expletives ensue and Snooki decides that she is officially single. The girls celebrate by breaking some plates in the courtyard. (Opa!)

Everyone in the house is painfully aware of the fact that Ronnie has been misbehaving behind Sammi’s back. The Situation — “Sam, you’re getting punked.”  

The four girls dine on sushi at Moshi Moshi — these ladies love sushi. 

One evening when there were no clubs open the gang has a huge family meal and decides to play “Ball of Questions.” Before the game, however, the girls all get decked out in their hoochiest lingerie. For what reason? Not sure. But as Vinnie said, “Victoria should have kept that secret to herself.” 

Ball of Questions consisted of such probing topics like “Which girls would you like to have a threesome with?” and “Which guy in the house would you let take a dump on your chest?” Wow. Of course, Ronnie gets the question “Have you ever cheated?” HIs answer: “Yeah, everyone cheats.” He’s damaged goods. 

Snooki and Jenni concoct a plan to write Sammi an anonymous letter while dining at Big Pink.  Later on that night, the gang heads to Vinyl & Kai where Sammi and Ronnie break up (again). After that, they retreat to B.E.D. (can’t get enough) and Ronnie gets so drunk that Sammi intervenes and takes him back to the suite. She plays nurse to him as he heaves all night. The next morning they are on again. 

Later that day, Sammi warns Angelina that she would never forgive a friend who didn’t tell her what her man was doing behind her back.  Meanwhile, Snooki and Jennie are at Cybr Caffe scripting the anonymous letter to Sammi detailing Ronnie’s exploits. The plot thickens. 

Interesting factoid: “Guys are duchebags and that is why the lesbian rates are going up in this country”, from Snooki the statistician. 

At least he’s honest: “I don’t like tests, that’s why i didn’t go to college”, Ronnie states to Sammi after realizing that she told him to go out with the boys just to see if he would actually do it. 

Quote of the night: ” You need to be on your tip top game with your GTL to stay FTD to get the girls to DTF in the MIA”, The Situation. We got GTL and FTD. But DTF? 

Drunken catharsis: Drunk Ronnie babbles to Sammi, “I hate you so much because I love you.”

Lecca-Lecca banter: Vinnie and Pauly D flirt with some customers.  Vinnie: “I’m a good spooner.”  Pauly D counters, “He spoons. I fork.” 



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