The Jersey Shore – Season 2, Episode 3

Pauly D outfront of Lecca-Lecca Gelato. Photo: Splash News and

Life appears to have found a rhythm for the gang in South Beach. They go to nightclubs, get wasted, then do ridiculous things they have to apologize for in the morning. This week the drunken amnesia was experienced by Angelina, who seems to have forgotten smacking Pauly D. in the face the night before.

After apologizing, Pauly lets her know that she has run out of friends in the house — “Your fun conflicts with our fun.”

Vinnie and Ronnie head out to the ‘hood to get their haircuts. Apparently Vinnie was afraid that Miami barbers couldn’t handle a simple fade. Luckily Platinum Boyz Barber Shop was able to hook him up. Is 64th and Biscayne really the hood? Well…

Back at the house, The Situation realizes that Angelina needs some friends because he’s sick of her tagging along with the guys. He calls a house meeting where he tells the girls to make amends so everyone can just focus on having fun. They invite her out to Klutch, where she admits to Snooki and JWoww that she was, in fact, trash talking them behind their backs.

Ronnie becomes the racous drunk and sends Sammi running back to the house with his rude comments. Not to worry, he plops into her bed upon returning. Guess who else ended up in bed together? Snooki and Vinnie! What?

The next night the boys ditch Angelina and head over to B.E.D. and the girls and Ronnie end up playing pool at Felt.

In the morning The Situation has his first day on the job at the gelato store. He bets he can bring in customers with his washboard abs. He is wrong. Snooki remarks that Mike can’t go a whole day without taking his shirt off. She is not mistaken.

The show ends with Snooki and JWoww debating whether or not to tell Sammi what a dog Ronnie is when she is not looking and with the boys back in Klutch watching in awe as Ronnie dances with every willing chick.

Hot tub encounters: The boys MVP (Mike, Vinnie, Pauly — get it?) bring home some grenades from B.E.D. The experience is cut short when one of the girls loses her bra filler in the hot tub. “It looks like a chicken cutlet,” notes Pauly.

Wardrobe malfunction: JWoww has to squish her huge implants into one of Lecca-Lecca Gelato’s uniform T-shirts. She is not happy about that.

Good observation: Vinnie says “Chicks love ice cream.”

Product OD: Pauly D.’s hair in the morning has a gray sheen from day old product. It’s just wrong.

Animal abuse: Snooki gets her groove on with the camel statue outside the gelato shop.

Classic Snooki: She brings back the poof and the leopard dress. “You just took my breath away,” remarks Vinnie. No wonder she ended up in his bed. Poor Emilio.

Word of the night: Smoosh. It appears to mean either sexual relations or cuddling. Not sure yet. Why haven’t we ever heard of this word before (outside of the world of the Jersey Shore)?

Quote of the night: “Jennie has redefined the laws of physics with her shirt.” That was Vinnie remarking on JWoww’s chest-bearing top at Klutch.

Fist pumping: The award goes to Ronnie for fist pumping at Klutch while Sammi’s at the suite at the Metropole. Snooki gets in his face about his grinding activities and he gives her a push. Luckily, the other three guys weren’t having that and they took him home.

Slightly disturbing: The Situation had some girl in the club lick his abs.







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