The Jersey Shore – Season 2, Episode 2 Recap

The story continues from last week with Ronnie stumbling into the house after sucking face with half of the ladies in Club B.E.D. then falling out in another bed — Sammi’s. Apparently he got so sauced on the Patron he forgot about calling her the c word.

The girls wake up (after sleeping with their fake eyelashes on) and decide they need new threads, so they head out to what JWoww describes as a “tranny” store. They hit Funky Sexy Couture on South Beach. Apparently, they haven’t seen our trannies. Our trannies wouldn’t shop there.

After much soul searching and many f-bombs, Sammi and Ronnie decide they are in love, “so much, it’s sickening”, whines Ronnie. To show their devotion to each other Ronnie decides to get a tat and Sammi holds his hand and comforts him as if he is getting a round of chemo.

In tonight’s episode the crew reveals that they must earn their keep on the MTV payroll by slinging gelato for their new boss Enzo, owner of Lecca-Lecca Gelato. Pauli D assures him that his laquered hair will not fall into the food –“It ain’t movin’.”

Angelina and the boys have sushi at Planet Sushi where they warn her that all the girls have it in for her and that she’s going to have to do something about it. Angelina doesn’t seem to mind being hated.

They must have loved B.E.D. because they headed back there tonight, where lightweight Angelina gets hammered and then gives Pauli D a drunken lecture about how the girl he was dancing with was engaged to be married. A babbling discussion ensues and Angelina loses her only two allies (The Situation and Pauli D) when she slaps the latter for no apparent reason. Maybe she’ll leave again. We can only hope.

Quote of the night: JWoww yelling at Angelina “Sleep with one eye open.” Really? You’re going to kill her in her sleep, JWoww?

Plastic cups: Sammi holds a black platic cup to curse out Ronnie. Angelina with a black plastic cup as she yells at Snookie and JWoww. The black cups must make people angry. Snookie get the award for the hourglass shaped plastic cup.

Hook ups: Sammi and Ronnie — love is in the air!

Hot tub encounters: The Situation was trying to chill in the hot tub when he gets the bad news about his chicken falling out of the fridge.

Runner up quote of the night: Ronnie muses, “It’s gonna be a long two months.”  It’s so true on so many levels…

Surprisingly classy move of the night:  Props to Pauli D for not going crazy on Angelina after she smacked him. He seems to have home training. Some, at least.


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