The Jersey Shore – Season 2, Episode 11

If you thought everything in the Metropole was going to be a guido dream after Angelina made her rather ungraceful exit last week, then think again.

The girls (led by peacemaker Snooki) tried to mend fences — JWoww says to Sammi, “Something I’ve never done before in my life…but I am sorry.” After an apology like that Sammi should be dying to get a mani/pedi with Jenni.

Vinnie, whose lack of game was becoming a distraction, actually convinces Ramona to hook up with him for some beach time. Then, by a random twist of fate (or by the magic of production), two girls that he met in episodes past called to hang out at the same time. He opted for Ramona.

Snooki gets a visit from Ryder, a gal pal from back home with a drinking problem and an appetite for partying that rivals the Snookster’s.

With the house free of the evil Angelina, sweet Vinnie finally hanging with Ramona, Sammi and Ronnie drama non-existent, a fake peace established amongst the girls — what could go wrong?

Here comes The Situation. MIke’s been keeping his crazy bottled up all season and tonight he whips it out in a concentrated, industrial-strength dose. His inability to pick up chicks at Tantra and Klutch lead him to 1) hit on Vinnie’s Ramona. 2) try to kiss Snooki. 3) rudely force the entire crew to leave the club because he decided it was time. 4) smack Snooki on the mouth like abuela used to when you cursed.  Looks like all the ‘roids are starting to kick in.

Foreclosure: Angelina’s bed gets evicted from Mike and Pauly D’s room.They now have an extra 6 feet in their luxurious room.

Free Willy: The guys make lobster for the family dinner. Snooki tries to keep a lobster as a pet, yet was unaware of what it eats or that it needs to be in salt water and ends up killing it anyway.

Nervous ticks: Sammi rubs her eyebrow, Jennie picks glue off of her fake eyelashes and Snooki plays with her hair during the awkward reconciliation chat.

Intervention, please: Snooki’s BFF Ryder is drunk before she even gets to the Metropole.

Cocktails: Where did Snooki and Ryder order the margaritas with the two Corona bottles inside? Put that place on our list…

Quote of the night: “There was a prophesy that one day there would be a pimp of all pimps and his name would be The Situation.”

Tell it Ronnie: Sammi is hating on Mike’s aggressive behavior at the club (“If I ever met him, I would be like ‘no!’ “). Ronnie — “You did meet him, and you hooked up with him.” Season 1 will haunt you forever, Sammi.

English as a second language: “Nicole and Ryder don’t really talk to each other, they more just grunt” — Jenni. Ryder completes Snooki.

Revelation: “It’s still light out, I thought it was (curse word) dark.” That’s because you have on your sunglasses inside the suite, Snooks.

Delusions of grandeur: Mike — “I’m the leader of this group. I’m the daddy of this house. I say what goes and if I say we’re leaving, we’re leaving.”  If you’re the daddy, Mike, then we are going to call DCF.





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