The Jersey Shore – Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

The much-hyped second season of The Jersey Shore finally aired on MTV, reuniting the cast of self-proclaimed “guidos” for more of their mischief. As Miami residents know from the frequent cast sightings in the spring time, the gang brought the fist pumping to our shores to escape the frigid north.

Snooki and her girl JWoww road tripped down to Florida without incident, though Pauly D and the Situation, who had the same plan, got stuck in a mud bank while stopping to play with fireworks (how old are they?). The drama picked up where it left off, with Ronnie and Sammi‘s brooding about their abrupt break up, and Angelina, who walked out of season one, getting a frosty reception from the girls when they find her at the suite at the Metropole Hotel.

After the hot tub gets broken in, they get all glammed up and head out for a night on the town. First stop: Ocean’s Ten. What was once frat boy central got itself a multi-million dollar make over last year and provides the stage for Ronnie’s drunken rant to Sammi. Don’t ask what he was ranting about. Sammi didn’t seem to know either. 

The boys and the scorned Angelina then take the party to B.E.D. where Ronnie proceeds to kiss two chicks at once and then kiss one of B.E.D.’s pole dancers as she hangs upside down. Classy.

Looks like we are in for some fun.

Quote of the night: “It’s so hot my bronzer is leaking off my face.” Guess who said that. Yes, it was Snooki.

Fist pumps: Two notable ones in this episode: JWoww and Snooki get points for fist pumping while driving and for politely watching a bumpkin in Georgia show his own style of fist pump. The girls were not impressed, however.

Hook ups: In the house: none. Outside the house: Ronnie and every girl in B.E.D. Unfortunately, The Situation notes they were all grenades (skinny ugly chicks) and landmines (fat ugly chicks).

Hot tub encounters: One. But the only girl to partake was Angelina. No Snooki in bikini tonight.

Drinks in plastic cups: The crew’s first round at the new house was consumed in pastel colored plastic cups. Apparently MTV doesn’t spring for real cups on this show.

Fights: Two. Some poor cab driver had to watch Angelina get screamed on by all the girls. Then another poor cab driver had to watch drunk Ronnie call Sammi the c word. Cab drivers should be paid more.

The Jersey Shore airs on MTV on Thursday nights at 10 p.m.


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