The Grammys: best and worst in fashion

It was the music industry’s big night and fashion choices, as expected, were a wee over the top. Others, just plain crazy. There were wings, feathers, head gear and yes, a giant egg. A few highlights:

The lesson was learned and hit home sideways. You can’t top Lady Gaga in the fashion department – and don’t even try. The pop superstar entered the stage to perform the new single Born this Way encased in a mammoth egg. Then she “hatched.” Maybe LG was channeling Icelandic singer Bjork, who you may recall laid an egg at the 2001 Oscars. Makes you want to skip breakfast.

Not sure what kind of relationship Nicki Minaj has with her stylist, but you have to wonder if they are still on speaking terms. Though the head-to-toe feline get-up was put together by a respectable house, Givenchy Haute Couture, it was an eyebrow-raising miss. The hair was Bride of Frankenstein meets a marching band.

There is gimmickry, then there’s just annoying. Sorry but Katy Perry fell under the latter category, wearing those Victoria’s Secret Angel-type wings. The Teenage Dream cutie doesn’t have a bird-themed song, so what gives Armani? Side note: Hope she got hubby Russell Brand a brush for Valentine’s Day.

Another sartorial head scratcher was Florence and the Machine’s Florence Welch’s Givenchy. At first glance, it resembled a vintage handkerchief, but the back had some funky orange wing pattern and the hem had pointy edges. Disturbing and possibly dangerous.

Cee Lo Green is the new Elton John, with this amusing getup of Elmo-red furry suit with feathers, a metal chest plate and Rockettes-esque headgear. His Forget You duo with Gwyneth Paltrow (loved the Louboutins) probably made him lose 10 pounds in water weight.

Jennifer Hudson was a knockout in that edgy navy-and-silver Versace. It showed off her fabu Weight Watchers figure. Keep counting those calories!

Selena Gomez literally shone in a gold, full length J Mendel, unlike fellow 18-year-old Miley Cyrus.The wild print Roberto Cavalli gown with exposed sides is just not a good look for someone her age, or any age for that matter. Doesn’t Billy Ray have a say anymore?

Julianne Hough’s Malandrino was colorful, festive, flattering – all good. The upcoming Footloose star Tweeted that she was jet lagged from traveling from Hong Kong. Who would have thunk?

Not everyone can pull off pregnancy like country gal Jewel in a pale yellow Pamella Roland. For example, Kate Hudson – in a blue, satin cut-out Cavalli. Wait until after the bambino comes out to get sultry!

Also unsuccessful in the cut-out category, Ciara, who looked like a cast reject from Spartacus.

A class act all the way : Mary J Blige , who upstaged her crooning cronies in a white, sleek Pucci.

Rihanna also chose white, a real wipe-out. Was I the only one who thought her Jean Paul Gaultier gown made the R&B princess look as if she got toilet papered?

Finally, tuxedos always rock at awards shows. We loved Drake’s black on black, especially on that ripped body.

Then again, white on white works, too. like Justin Bieber’s ode to the Rat Pack – with sneakers. Nice to see a belt for a change.


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