The eyes have it: How to achieve celebrity peepers

We all saw the celebrities get gorgeous at the Met’s Costume Institute Gala earlier this week. Want to look like them? Of course. Makeup artist Scott Barnes, who has beautified the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, swears by a new product: breakthrough LashControl Mascara, which gives maximum impact with minimum waste. Forget wiping off excess mascara on the back of your hands or on a tissue: The squeezable tube allows you to control how much mascara is on the brush, so you never end up with too much or too little ($20 at

The brand’s creator Jennifer Paulson Lee gave out some tips on achieving the best look for your eyes:

How do you fix clumps?

The best way to fix clumpy mascara is to not have clumps in the first place. Most mascara simply has too much formula on the brush when you take it out of the tube. Over the years women have found many techniques to deal with a gloppy brush. A common solution is to wipe off the excess with a tissue before application. Unfortunately, tissue fibers and/or foreign particles from scraping are often the culprit toward more clumps and lead to contaminating microbial issues within the tube itself.

What to do to prep your lashes to prevent clumping?

Any mascara will apply best onto clean, dry lashes. Splashing warm water (not hot) on your face before make-up application is the best way to wake up your skin without stripping it of essential, natural oils. Then do your best to keep your lashes free of foundation, powders or eye shadows so that your lashes stay clean and dry until you are ready for the final touch – your mascara.

When is the best time to apply mascara?

It should be the last thing you do in your beauty routine. Don’t forget to make sure you close your mascara tightly in between uses to avoid drying out.


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