The Diceman returneth

Check your prude flag at the door. The always irreverent Andrew Dice Clay is coming to a stage near you. The Diceman will be doing South Florida Improv shows through Feb. 27. The ’80s star has had a rebirth of sorts. For one, he’s a newlywed, having recently married his third wife, clothing designer Valerie Vazquez in Las Vegas, where he just finished a yearlong run. Secondly, the 53-year-old is one proud papa. His 20-year-old son, Max Silverstein, is getting into the funny business, too. Dare we say all this family stuff is softening the cruder-than-crude Brooklynite? Not so fast. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane star promises to leave in his outrageous, cuss-laden signature bits like Mother Goose nursery rhymes, e.g. “Jack and Jill went up the hill. Both with a buck and a quarter. Jill came down with $2.50.’’ The rest you can leave up to your imagination. We chatted before his shows:

How do you feel about your son following in your footsteps?

Max is way beyond his years. He’s been playing drums since he was 10 and has been in the rock world since 15, so then it just turned into a standup thing, and he really took to it. He talks about working in a coffee shop and living at home and raps like Eminem.

Do you help him?

You can’t help but try to write material for him, but he was smart enough to say, ”No, don’t help me.” If I think of a line while I’m watching his act, it’s just the father in me. I ask, “Can I just say it?” And he’ll go, “No.” And I’ll just be like, “OK.” He’s doing great, I’m excited for him.

Was it different when you started? I came up through the big comedy boom, which I don’t even know I was in. When I got out of the Comedy Store in Los Angeles I wasn’t just thinking some producer is gonna see me and make me a movie star [1990’s Ford Fairlane]. It wasn’t the road I was gonna take; it’s just the way it went.


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