Teen star/Boca Raton native Reed Alexander book signing

Not all child stars twerk; some do actual good for the masses.

Reed Alexander — best known as iCarly villain Nevel — is a bonafide VIP, rubbing elbows with presidents past and present, all because he decided he needed health and wellness in his life. About four years ago, the Boca Raton native didn’t like the person he saw in the mirror. “I was [about 15 pounds] overweight, lethargic, didn’t have a lot of confidence,” says Reed. “I’d always been a major food lover but my eating habits were out of control. My family had a history of diabetes. Something had to give.” Reed began a manageable exercise routine, renovated some of his favorite recipes (e.g., lentil soup, chicken stir fry, carrot cupcakes), and began blogging his discoveries. The world took notice and the now-trim 18-year-old has since become an ambassador for Bill Clinton’s Alliance of a Healthier Generation and special collaborator for Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign. With all his experience and contacts, don’t expect Reed to go all political on us. He’s happily ensconced at NYU as a freshman.

But gets home as often as possible: “Boca has a small-town feel with lots of Starbucks a great mall.” Reed appears 2 p.m. Sunday at Macy’s Coral Springs to promote his cookbook, KewlBites: 100 Nutritious, Delicious, and Family-Friendly Dishes (Rodale). He returns next month for another signing and demo (www.kewlbites.com for info).