Talking to celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels

Let Jillian Michaels see you sweat! The no-nonsense trainer of NBC’s Biggest Loser is hosting Sweat USA, a weekend dedicated to all things fitness at the Miami Beach Convention Center Friday-Sunday. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet their super toned idols and perspire to their hearts’ content. As for Michaels, the 39-year-old will lead classes, conduct a meet and greet and attend a VIP cocktail party.

Can you explain what’s going to go down at Sweat USA?

It’s a really a huge fitness event and for anyone who wants to try out different things: spinning, Flywheel, Zumba, we’ve got it all. Or maybe you’re someone looking for motivation or to get back into a healthy lifestyle. It will be a lot of fun.

What else?

If you ever thought you could take a workout with me, there’s that option, too. Cross that off your bucket list!

Speaking of sweating, when you’re in Miami, do you like to exercise outside?

I love the vibe there, people walking around in short shorts and bathing suits and this, that or the other. But to be honest, no. I may go for a bike ride, but if you’re doing something crazy intense, I prefer climate control.