Swimsuit models at Aventura Mall store

And the 50th anniversary party continued for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue over at Breitling’s boutique at the Aventura Mall Wednesday night.

The Swiss watch manufacturer joined in on the fun to commemorate the lovely ladies with company honcho Thierry Prissert linking up with swimsuit models Jessica Gomes and Kate Bock (2013 Rookie of the Year).

“It’s so much fun to be in Miami for the historic launch… It’s a privilege to have Jessica and Kate here with us to greet our guests,” said Prissert.“If you think about it, the relationship is a natural fit. Breitling is dedicated to performance and surpassing personal limits, just like the athletes featured on the pages of SI.”

OK, gotcha. We think.

Guests showed off (bragged) on Facebook or Instagram or (fill in the blank social media site) by taking photos with the two gorgeous women while perusing timepieces likely out of their price range.