Supermodel Elle Macpherson at opening of Stripsteak

Elle Macpherson was front and center at the opening of Stripsteak restaurant at the Fontainebleau Wednesday night.

The so called Body was also celebrating her cover of Ocean Drive magazine.

The gorgeous Aussie said she wasn’t prepared for the shoot, even though she looked like a million bucks.

“We were really busy, we had a lot to get through. I was just coming from my summer vacation and frantically trying to get my kids in school,” Macpherson told reporters. “I didn’t think they could get great images.”

Regardless, she was psyched with the outcome.

“The guys from Ocean Drive were really warm,” said the 50 year old, who is married to Fontainebleau mogul Jeff Soffer.

“It’s a hugely flattering proposal.”

Beside her cover status, MacPherson was also talking up her wellness food supplement The Super Elixir, by WelleCo.

Safe to say: It does a Body good.

“In the past, youth and beauty used to go together, but in my experience,  wellness and beauty go together,” said the mother of two sons. “There’s a real correlation about how well you are feeling affects how you look. If I feel nourished and hydrated and — some people would say — beautiful, then I tend to feel great.”

Since using her food supplement, packaged in Australia, Elle said her sugar cravings have gone, her skin and sleep have improved and she feels better “on a cellular level.”

Exercise helps, too.

“I walk on the beach or swim in the sea here,” said Macpherson of her fitness routine. “I tweak my workouts but I do something every day.”