Styx's Dennis De Young plays Hard Rock

Dennis DeYoung’s reclamation of his Styx past began in earnest with the 2007 release of his last solo album, One Hundred Years From Now, a return to rock that made for the most Styx-like album anyone in either camp had released in decades. “My solo career moved into a more pop direction, I tried to recreate myself into something else,” DeYoung says. “I had some success but nothing approached what Styx was. Styx was better than me. When it came time to do One Hundred Years I had been encouraged to really make a Styx album without the guys. I gave myself permission to do that. I set out to get people who sang with me who could make those harmonies.” That acceptance, and the multigenerational appeal of Styx’s music, has led to his current tour in which DeYoung will not only perform the songs he had written for the band ( Come Sail Away, The Best of Times and Lady) but also songs from ex-band mate Tommy Shaw such as Too Much Time on My Hands and Blue Collar Man. “It’s been a real joy to go on the road. I put a band together specially to recreate the sound and spirit of my former band,” DeYoung says. “When the audience hears these songs, one after the other, they are thrilled.” Still, he’s at a loss to explain why these old songs continue to inspire devotion. “There are two kinds of music, the kind you like and the kind you don’t. If I could define it, it would be easier. But they just like those songs. What you do creatively to be successful is confounding. You don’t know why it happened in the first place. It’s not a calculation; it’s a mystery.” •   Dennis DeYoung performs at 8 p.m. Monday at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, near Hollywood. Tickets: $64-$34 at or 800-745-3000. Follow @HowardCohen on Twitter. Read more here: