Bank robbers use stolen Zak the Baker delivery truck as getaway car. Can we resist using bread puns?

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The heist was straight out of a movie, says Zak Stern, owner of Zak the Baker, Wynwood’s celebrated kosher bakery and deli

The driver of delivery truck No. 2 of Stern’s fleet of six identical trucks stopped at Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli’s Coconut Grove restaurant Glass & Vine in the morning to drop off some fluffy kosher bread. 

When he walked out, the truck was gone. 

Before calling the police, Stern did what any good business owner would do. He called his clients.

“It was full of bread, so the first thing we did was call all the accounts and say the bread is going to be late today,” he said.

A few hours later, the calls started coming in. News organizations told Stern that one of his trucks was suspected of being used in a bank robbery at the TD Bank branch at 7400 SW 40th St. 

This bank robber got the cash and the dough. Sorry. No bread puns allowed.Courtesy of FBI

The Miami Herald reported yesterday that at 11:15 a.m. a criminal barged into the bank, fired a few shots, demanded cash then took off in a white truck with BAKERY on the side. It was definitely a Zak the Baker truck. But was it truck No. 2 or was there another rogue delivery man afoot? How deep did the conspiracy go? 

This was a real “The Italian Job” scenario here. The one with Marky Mark, not the old one with Michael Caine. 

Soon Stern’s other drivers started getting pulled over by police trying to find the getaway truck.

“We were worried about our drivers because they didn’t know why they they were being pulled over,” Stern said. 

A few hours later, the FBI informed Stern that they found the truck near 6300 Manor Lane in South Miami. News helicopters moved in overhead, and Stern asked reporters to help him identify the truck.

“I was trying to get information from them, and we were asking if they could see from their helicopter which number the truck had.”

Stern confirmed that the vehicle in question was truck No. 2. The FBI will be returning it later today. 

“Who steals a bakery truck to rob a bank?” pondered Stern. 

Who steals a giant white bakery delivery truck to go rob a bank?

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That is a question we will continue to ask ourselves because the suspects are still at large. With all the dough. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.