Steven Helmkamp wants to make Miami his second home

Steven Helmkamp deserved a little vacation after working so hard (insert laugh) on his just-wrapped Fuel TV series, Clean Break. The Orlando native, who grew up in Pensacola Beach, was in Miami recently tending to the business of relaxation after spending two weeks in Hawaii just doing what active, red-blooded guys like to do: surf, swim with sharks, climb mountains. “It was amazing, every young man’s dream,’’ he says. The crux of the show is to pluck Joe Normal out of his suit and tie life and give him a chance to live out various adventures. Helmkamp, who has a business degree from UCF, had gone into the family business of medical sales. The money was good, but boredom set in. “It was killing the artist inside me,’’ says Helmkamp, who emceed the racy Temptation Cabaret at Passion at the Hard Rock in 2010. “But every actor needs a day job.”

Clean Break was just what Helmkamp needed, but he almost didn’t sign on. “I don’t like the word ‘reality.’ It turns me off, all that Jersey Shore drama stuff,’’ he says. “But this is a feel-good show. There’s no competition. We’re not out at the clubs hooking up and fighting and all that crap.”

Next goal for the L.A. resident, 26: costarring in a few episodes of Nick at Nite’s Hollywood Heights, and making Miami his second home. He loves hanging out at places like MIA Biscayne, Prime 112 and of course, the beach. “My plan is that I want to get a place here three months out of the year. That would be sweet.”


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