Steve-O: Still a Jackass

Steve-O is sober now — two years plus — but he wants fans to know: He’s still just as crazy. The Jackass star, 36, will be showing off his brand of humor Thursday through Sunday at the Miami Improv, one stop on his “Entirely Too Much Information” tour.

Don’t worry, he’ll be funny; maybe funnier. “Sobriety hasn’t turned me into a boring, lame sissy,” says the daredevil, aka Stephen Glover. “I’m actually a lot more productive and creative than when I was loaded.”

What can you expect from the man who has swum with sharks with meat dangling from his body? Though Steve-O refuses to divulge his act, it’s doubtful that the standup show will feature anything as dangerous.

‘I’ll talk about how the popularity of Jackass is a barometer for the downward spiral of our society and how grateful I am for the downward spiral,” he explains of the MTV show turned movie franchise. “It’s made it possible for me to make a living,because I’d probably be homeless.”

There will no doubt be hijinks, but we’re not sure of which variety. During a 2002 appearance to promote his DVD Don’t Try This at Home Volume 2: The Tour, the London-born stuntman — who attended the University of Miami and worked as a clown at the Swap Shop — was arrested on obscenity and assault charges for stapling his scrotum to his leg. There have been a number of run-ins with cops since for doing unmentionable (here) things.

But that puerile, masochistic stuff occurred during his boozing phase. This time around, Steve-O will only show other people how to drink, imparting “the most amazing bar trick in the world.” “I will teach everybody to drink for free the rest of their lives,” he promises. ‘‘Which is my way of helping the drunk, unemployed alcoholics to the bottle.”

Another promise: Steve-O will stick around to meet fans. “I’m not leaving until every person who wants a picture with me or autograph gets one,” he says. “Bring your cameras!”


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