South Beach Gurls?

Katy Perry

It’s the summer of Katy Perry knockoffs.

Her poppy hit California Gurls is getting copied, according to what part of the United States you live in.

While we’ve seen quite a few nonprofessional singers riffing about their states, we noticed more than a few Florida Gurls

Brace Face Cutie Girl had one  – strangely enough without music at all. Doesn’t she have a karaoke machine?
I know a place that can’t get any hotter ooohhoo
Storms bugs and tans gallons of oil in our water ooo ooo
Sipping orange juice laying underneath the palm trees
Sunburnt skin so hot you’ll need the aloe…

We found another that targets South Beach: Valerie Jimenez, a novice guitarist, her own version of the pop diva’s latest chart topper California Gurls, called Florida Gurls. Though her voice isn’t the greatest, the lyrics are cute.
They include:
“I know a place where clubs are a lot hotter
Warm and wet and wild
There must be something in the water
Sipping mojitos, playing underneath the palm trees
The boys trying to creep a little sneak peak

You can travel the world but nothing comes close to the Sunshine State
Go to Ultra with us, you’ll be falling in love
Miami girls we’re unforgettable

Sex on South Beach
We get sand in our stilettos
We freak on jet skis
Pit Bull on the stereo.”

Pure poetry!

There’s more out there. See for yourself, or better yet, create your own.


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